George Coetzee

George Coetzee

Southern Africa Representative

He is the Director of GLS-19 a security company based in Germiston, South Africa.

A few years back something like A.Y.E would have been dismissed by venture capitalists as a mere “feature,” not a stand-alone product — let alone a profitable business. “But it turns out people will pay for features,” George Coetzee of A.Y.E, explains which fosters entrepreneurship. “The tools required running a company, and how expensive it is to market it, have all declined so dramatically in the last decade that there is a real hope for people who declare themselves one-man organizations to stay this way.”

It’s a sentiment felt by a growing number of solo entrepreneurs. The notion that companies must solicit investments and keep expanding in order to survive isn’t always the goal anymore, especially during tough economic times. Web-based tools have helped level the playing field by lowering overhead costs so that a one-man operation can compete against million dollar corporations and thrive.

A.Y.E helps young entrepreneurs define their culture and live it authentically in a way that connects powerfully with customers and talent.

We help businesses to align brand and culture and to live the brand through authentic leadership, recruitment and policies. A.Y.E has developed coaching and delivers tailored training material for e-learning training techniques that help businesses and business people to profit from through authenticity.