Summy Smart Francis I

Summy Smart Francis

President / Founder

A South African based Nigerian entrepreneur. Summy Francis is the president of Africa’s Young Entrepreneurs. He oversees strategy and its execution.

Mr. Francis started his first business venture at a young age of 14 where he worked at his Father’s hotel in Lagos, Nigeria. At 17 the challenging task of managing one of the branches (Mullard Hotel) was handed down to him. From this early experiences he attained extensive business maturity and management skills.

During his quest to becoming a self-made successful entrepreneur, Mr. Francis experienced the challenges of limited capital and networks. His understanding of these shortcomings has been the passion that gave birth and continues to fuel this Organization.

He brings extensive knowledge in investments and a dynamic platform to Africa’s Young Entrepreneurs. His understanding of risk drives him to continue investing in many businesses across the globe.

In 2008 Mr. Francis formed Alien rights organization which advises and protects the rights of Aliens in foreign countries. He also works very closely with charity organizations that benefit the youth.

Mr. Francis is a persistent and determined entrepreneur and his extraordinary characteristics of self-confidence and creativity have given rise to his successful enterprises. He is the Chairman and Chief Investor of SSF investments, and he sits on board of several companies as a non-Executive Director.

A philanthropist and a writer, Mr. Francis holds a degree in Computer science, and a diploma in Art direction / copywriting from the AAA school of advertisement. He also holds other professional qualifications.