Tertiary Institutions are generally accustomed to moulding students to be job seekers and professionals for the needs of the private sector, industry and the state. Now the thinking has shifted to educating and generating job creators instead, which brings about the need and demand for AYESA .

Entrepreneurship is a key driver of our economy; wealth and a high majority of jobs are created by small business started by entrepreneurially-minded individuals, many of whom go on to create big businesses. There is more creative freedom for people who are exposed to entrepreneurship education; there is higher self-esteem, and an overall greater sense of control over their lives. It is the believe of many experienced business people, political leaders, economists and educators that fostering a robust entrepreneurial culture will maximize individual and collective economic and social success on a local, national, and global scale.

A.Y.E therefore launches this association to enhance Entrepreneurship education which focuses on developing an understanding and capacity for pursuit of entrepreneurial behaviours, skills and attributes in African students. These behaviours can therefore be practiced, developed and learned in the association before their full exposure into the entrepreneurial ecosystem

AYESA is not only about having students who start their own businesses, it’s also about students who set their own goals in life and would assist them with means to achieve them. It’s about initiative and proactive attitude to solving problems that matter to people. It’s about the university working closely with the surrounding society and private sector. It’s about understanding what you need to know to achieve something, and how to learn it. And this last part is what universities have a hard time adjusting to. For students to be creative, innovative and entrepreneurial, we can’t just have them memorize what the curriculum requires, and can’t just keep them in the classroom! Real innovation and creativity happens in interaction with real life. Hence our platform will help them interact more with independent entrepreneurs within the A.Y.E network present in 19 African countries that have the best interest of the young ones at heart.

AYESA Members

This group of members includes the fresh blood entrepreneurs, young start ups,youth corpers and students that intend to associate with the A.Y.E organization seeking towards empowerment, mentoring and funding.

Benefits include:

  • Attendance to the A.Y.E global empowerment workshops and AYESA conferences
  • Access to the online business initiative programs
  • Personal emails to gain access into A.Y.E connect and market place
  • Interacting with personal business mentor’s through the A.Y.E database
  • A.Y.E newsletter
  • Above all, available funding to great initiatives

Membership Fee: $10.00